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FreeVRPlayer allows you to stream and download VR videos. Step into an incredibly immersive 360° 3D world, and experience cutting-edge Virtual Reality.

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iPhone 7
  • Become Part of the Action

    Immerse yourself in 360° Virtual Reality. Participate and interact in three-dimensional space. Be there for real!

  • Easy and Convenient

    A simple and intuitive user interface allows you to download and stream any VR video directly from the Web.

  • Supports Regular 3D Videos

    FVR player supports regular non-VR videos. Watch mainstream 3D movies on your phone. Feel the depth!

Frequently Asked

Will it work on my phone?

Yes. FreeVRPlayer supports all of the Android and iOS smartphones on the market today. FreeVRPlayer is the most functional and easy to use VR player for iPhone and Android devices currently available. Your search for the ultimate 360 video player ends right here, right now. Download the free VR player app today!

What is a VR video?

The goal of Virtual Reality headsets and VR videos is to create a life-size, 3D environment without the boundaries usually associated with TV or computer screens. Head tracking means that when you wear a VR headset, the picture in front of you tilts as you look up, down or from side to side. By using a 360° VR Video Player, you'll be able to explore a scene from any angle or viewpoint. Another way the Free VR player increases immersion is by providing Binaural or 3D audio via your headphones. Spatial VR playback technology provides the viewer with a sense of realistic surround sound as the audio track shifts along with head movements in real-time.

What file formats do you support?

Our VR video player supports all industry-standard movie files and enables you to watch immersive 360° 3D Virtual Reality videos on your smartphone. To use your free VR player app on Android or iPhone, simply download a Virtual Reality video onto your device and open the file in FreeVRPlayer. Due to the wide range of different VR goggles available, it’s advised to follow the device manufacturer's manual on how to properly adjust your VR headset for maximum comfort and clarity. For all remaining questions feel free to email us at

Will this use a lot of data?

One of VR’s key advantages is the freedom to look anywhere and fully explore a scene using a 360 video player. Frame rate, resolution, and bandwidth are affected by the sheer volume of pixels that a VR video app transmits. Ultra HD files take up considerably more storage space than lower resolution clips. Ultimately download times and storage considerations will come down to the image dimensions and resolution of the video file you chose to download. The higher the quality of a given VR video file the more processing power will be required, and unless your mobile internet data plan is unlimited, you might need to keep an eye on those larger VR player downloads.

What do I need to start watching VR videos?

Today’s VR headset options are affordable, versatile, fun, and mostly smartphone-powered. Google Cardboard offers a no-frills beginner’s Virtual Reality experience for your VR video app that is cheap and works with both Android and iOS devices. The Samsung Gear VR provides a more comfortable experience while using your 360 video player and boasts additional high-tech wizardry like a proximity sensor and a touchpad at less than 100 bucks. However, affordable headgear is available for every single smartphone brand and model on the market, and any reasonably modern phone will be capable of motion tracking, the key feature at the heart of the 3D VR experience. Start your free VR player download now; you'll be up and running within minutes.

Sample Videos

Having a hard time finding free VR videos? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Here's a cool selection of 3D VR videos for you to try out on your free VR player!

VR Video Sample 1

1080p 360º / 63.5Mb / 1m 20s

Download Stream

VR Video Sample 2

1080p 360º / 21.3Mb / 27s

Download Stream

VR Video Sample 3

1080p 360º / 151.1Mb / 3m 12s

Download Stream

We Listen!

Our dev team is steadily working on improvements to make the FreeVRPlayer the best VR video app on the market. We value your feedback and are happy to answer any question you might have.

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